Is there an application fee for the residency?

Yes. We charge a $15 application fee. We give much consideration to the applications we receive, so we ask that artists please consider all of the details involved in participating before applying to any of our programs.


Is there a cost associated with the residency?

Yes. Our residency fees are $900 per week, with a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks. 


Are there any payment plans available?

Yes. We have  payment plans up to six months for artists who need to make small payments.

Can I bring my partner, my creative partner, or spouse?

Yes. For an additional $300 per week, you can bring your partner or spouse. As you are sharing all living quarters and studio space, this applies to creative partners and artist teams as well. 


Extended Payment Plan

Artists may request to use our four-month payment window.

3% Interest charges will apply


Is there any financial aid?

HYDRA Art Project Inc. is glad to offer the following range of Scholarships Award Opportunities

for its Art-in-Residency Program 2017:


Tax Return 2015 and/or 2016 Scholarship Award

Less than $ 24,000.00 =- 40% discount: (Final fee: $ 900.00 - $ 360.00 = $ 540.00 per week)

Between $ 24,000.00 and $ 48,000.00 =- 20% discount: (Final Fee: $ 900.00 - $ 180.00 = $ 720.00 per week)

Between $ 48,000.01 and $ 72,000.00 =- 10% discount: (Final Fee: $ 900.00 - $ 90.00 = $ 810.00 per week)

More than $ 72,000.01 =- No Scholarships Allowed (Final Fee: $ 900.00 per week)

Are meals included?

The cost of a residency in Perugia includes private living quarters and shared studio space. Artists must provide their own meals. 

Do you have wifi?

There is wifi available at the facility. 


Where can I learn more about the town and what I can visit while there?

See the different tours available.


What sort of transportation is available?

The closest international airport is Rome and it is very well connected by bus. 


In consideration of the town of origin of the artist, we will be glad to advise the best travel solution.


In Perugia it won’t be difficult to understand how to get around as well as how to move towards other points of interest or cities in suburbs – such as Assisi and Gubbio, to name a few. Transport in Perugia are varied, as in all cities, but it is not based on the classic lines of the tram or subway, due to its geographical conformation and the countless archaeological ruins. 

You can explore the possibilities for transportation, Here.


In the summer is there air conditioning?

We have a ventilation system in the facility.


What is your refund or cancellation policy?

We are a small community of resident artists and staff in Perugia. Often our group is not more than four to six people at a time. While we all really like it that way, it means that every artist who comes has a significant effect on the community as a whole – simply by being with us and addressing their body of work. For this reason, we give great consideration to the artists on our tight schedule and cancellations do not result in refunds. All payments are non-refundable.