Terms and Conditions:

Residency Payment

All fees are payable online through our secure online system.


Upon received your payment, the Hydra Art Project Team will contact you to plan your arrival and make your stay comfortable and fruitful.


To secure your placement, your payment is due within seven days. Please let us know if this presents a hardship for you and we will do our best to work with you on the timing of payment. Please note that if your name is not on the card used for payment, you must inform us at the time the payment is made so that we can attribute the payment to your account.


Additionally, we have payment plans available for artists in particular circumstances who need to make smaller payments and have the time before their residency to make their payments on weekly or monthly increments. Please note that no matter the case, the balance on the account must be paid in full prior to the start date of the residency. Please let us know if this is needed in your case.


Residency Information:

HAP has provided artists from around the world dedicated time, space, and resources to conduct research and to create new work. HAP offers artists private live/work studios, financial support, technical/administrative assistance, and opportunities for intellectual discourse about contemporary art by connecting with local art communities. 


The cost of our residency includes private living quarters and shared studio space. Artists must provide their own meals (only in Cheng Du, it's included a lunch per day in a restaurant selected by us).


There is wifi available at the facility, as well as a heating/ventilation system.


You can learn more about the town and what you can visit during your stay by checking out the different tours available.



We are a small community of resident artists and staff. While we all really like it that way, it means that every artist who comes has a significant effect on the community as a whole – simply by being with us and addressing their body of work. For this reason, we give great consideration to the artists on our tight schedule and cancellations do not result in refunds. All payments are non-refundable.



Travel, Art supplies, and Insurance:

Artist is responsible for Travel, Art Supplies, and Personal Insurance.

About our Cheng Du Residency, a shuttle service from the Shuangliu international Airport to the Residency is included.


Housing: Private bedroom in a shared housing facility + a shared Art Studio.


Free Wi-Fi



On behalf of Hydra Art Residency, we are so honored to have you in the program, and we're looking forward to your residency!